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My painting shed
Painting outdoors
I go walking and take the camera. If the light is interesting I can find shots that would make a possible painting.  
The camera records the structure and light and the painting plays with the colours.
The camera is a note book, the paintings can be very different.
Pears still life
Still life pears
I paint still lives so I can have a much closer look at the light on things. 
I have been a self-employed photographer for many years working for the National Trust,
English Heritage, architects, TV and all sorts. So the camera is a natural tool.
  Studio visits are welcome by appointment
  Phone 01379 783201  
  Text 07889 673209
  Near Diss, on the Norfolk/Suffolk border
I also enjoy copying ‘real’ paintings to order
Kandinsky copy
Gauguin copy.jpg
Vanessa Bell copy.jpg
Vanessa Bell
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